What's your favourite movie?


If you think this is off topic, well,it's not.
I am making a game/movie and I would like your favourite movie based on it.
The only things I won't accept..
In appropriate

I will accept


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Teeth filling


I really wish you could accept King Arthur and The Holy Grail. It's HILARIOUS, but it's really gory. :sweat_smile:


Disney! I think it's perfect for a movie.


Doctor Who! @Bubblyoreo


I think I have seen it. I don't know yet though. Cause I think it has a lot of violence though.


That's a great idea. Can I use a bit of help?


Which one would you prefer @Jootje


How can I help? @Bubblyoreo!


@Bubblyoreo a very good children's movie you probably never seen,


I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! ITS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES! Why don't me, you and @AHappyCoder join the 2 movies together to make an epic game?


The post below the one you post explains everything, to clear up, a collab.


I am going to make a form about it!


Yes! of course! @Bubblyoreo That would be epic!


Did it! must be 20 characters


@Bubblyoreo OK!!! I have an idea! You need to move things aroun fed with your mind, and you get better as you do it more! There can a practice room where you move things around so you can get super good at it!


Maybe something like cinderella??
You can even make a minigame or two in it. (I know it's s movie, but that would make it more interactive)


The Prinncess Bride?


I love that idea @BlackDawn