What's your favorite thing to do?



Hello! Let's make this the most replied thing on hopscotch! What's your favorite thing to do on hopscotch and off!

Have Fun!


I love everything about Hopcotch! It's really fun and easy to get the hang of!


The most replied topic on the forum has too many replies. It is called

Drawing on Paper compared to on an iPad (a Shading, Shaping, etc.)

By @LazyLizard


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Oh cool! My probably favorite thing in hopscotch is clones and values!! They are so cool!


I know. At least I can try!!!!!!!!!


Values are also amazing :smiley:


YESH they are! They're super important. Without them we could only make small projects.


I love finishing a game and getting to try it for the first time!


That's really cool! I feel the same about that!


Well, I like making text art on Hopscotch, and that's when values and repeat blocks come in. The best thing about it is, I use trial and error to get inspiration, Great topic, @GummiForum!


I like Values... They're really...


Oh you thought I was going to say valuable? That's so old :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol xD Here's a like! :heart: :heart:


Baaaaackgroooooounds! I can make them all day! Also, I love values, and clones, and set invisibility.


Too many replies= Forum database explodes

My favorite thing to do on Hopscotch is to pretty much everything!


My favorite thing to do on hopscotch is code, but I've been drawing lately :smiley:


Oh I have been drawing on hopscotch a lot lately too!


I love to add special features to the in-progress "Color☆Pad!"


That happened with the topic

Drawing on Paper compared to on an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc.)

@system attacked the topic because it had over 10,000 replies and like 130 closes because of flagging. I couldn't get a reply out! This all happened yesterday.


The reason that topic keeps closing is because there are flags that haven't been dealt with yet, and there's a lot