What's Your Favorite Project of Mine?


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I love the logo you did for me!


@PopTart0219 Do u know who this is?


She's actually a really good Hopscotcher who used to make cool projects! (I say used to because she's not usually active)


She just followed me and liked 3 of my projects. I was just asking cause I follow her and had never seen that name before


I think she's an autofollow


Hi @OrangeScent1! Two things:
1. Yes, I was an autofollow, but the Hopscotch Team fixed the autofollow thing! :slightly_smiling:
2. Thanks for thinking I make cool projects! :slightly_smiling: (I'm putting too many smiley faces in here, aren't I?) Anyway, I haven't been on lately because of school and stuff, but I should be on more soon. (where I live, Friday's a P.D day! Yay! :smile:)


I don't know @Mathgirl, sorry!


@Mathgirl Thanks for following me!:+1: