What's your favorite part about Hopscotch?



:womans_hat::dark_sunglasses::ring::purse: Oh, hi, sorry. I was just using my favorite EMOJIS!! So, now, I wanted to ask you, what's your fave part about Hopscotch? Also, go find ME at ElegantAngelEmily​:eyeglasses::angel:🏼!

What's your favourite part about Hopscotch?

Probably how you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it :slight_smile:


Hmm the nice comuitay the easy ineffective coding interface!

And hmm nice staff!


It fun to play. And it's cool to make games.


You all tell me your names, and you'll get an instant follower!


AwesomeBlossom​:grinning: Is my username.


Aww thanks! Huggingfluffybear2 and Huggingfluffybear but I use Huggingfluffybear 2 more!


I just have to write this here-

My writing teacher just randomly said, write about anything.

Do you want to know what I wrote about? :smile_cat:

I wrote a 2 page paper (still no finished!) on how much I Love Hopscotch! :smile:


My favorite thing about hopscotch is how nice the people are, including you! You get an instant follow, too!


I can't pick ONE part! I love how you have the freedom to create ANYTHING in hopscotch. I love watching the new hopscotchers come in and turn into the BEST hopscotchers. I have watched many GREAT hopscotchers grow into who they are today and I LOOOOVE it. Hopscotch is where you can relax and be calm. You can create awesome projects and help spread kindness and awareness. Everyone in the community is awesome! I couldn't ask for better people. I personally love the freedom, Creativity, and the amazing projects I see every day!