What's your favorite new avatar?



I personally like the ones with the dark purple on the background. Also the colorful lava. Pizzas are funny but I'm not that funny. What avatars do you like?

PS. Remember, you can stay with the last avatar but if you change it, you can't go back, I think.


Thanks for the info @Rodrigo, I like it when you are in the videos of the gameplay of our games! I love the one with purple bubbles flowing up!


I like the rainbow wave


Pizza, duh. I'm LP!!


Rainbow wave! That's a cool name. I "thought" it was "colorful magma". I guess all of them works.


RainBow Wave and the purple Bubbles @Rodrigo


Well, yeah, but that's almost unfair. There's nothing in the world that can beat pizza, so, it's an unfair advantage.


@Rodrigo No its a awesome advantage its like it was made for you @LotsaPizza


Lol @Rodrigo!! But I am LotsaPizza


im telling you @lotsapizza it was meant for you!! #Pizza is Life


Hmm... so this conversaition went from "what's your favorite avatar?" to "#PizzaIsLife...


i kept bear because else i would half to change my username as well because i am huggingfluffybear


Banyan tree is life!


The one with the blue square, purple line, and yellow background! :smiley:


The purple splats. My second favorite is the rainbow thing.


I really like the rainbow wave / colorful lava and the purple bubbles too :stuck_out_tongue::smile:

I've stuck with Bird though because I'm afraid of not being able to change back and I guess I've been with Bird for so long as well.


It's ok. I think it's cool that you're very recognized with bear. Just stick with the bear.


@Rodrigo I want to change my avatar to the one with the purple triangles yet I want to keep my bird! My bird is smiling, and I can never change back to it. I'm stuck on what to do! :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:


So, what do you want? What's the dilemma?


There is no smiling new avatars!