What's your favorite hopscotch video!



Hey guys you read the title what is your favorite hopscotch video? Post bellow! Mine has to be 3D shading what's yours?


The pixel art video was very helpful :wink:


My favorite was the cooking one!


My favorite is definitely the cooking one! I've wanted to make a cooking game and it was hard for me, but not anymore!


My favorite is the escape one! :smiley:. 🗝


I love the pixel art video! It helped me SOOO much!


Mmmmmm? Let me think.... 🤔?
ALL OF MINE!!!!!!!!!


3D shading because I was the first to make up that code, meaning I found out how to do 3D shading first :joy:.


I've only watched 2...but I'd have to say Geometry Dash!


Wow sorry guys I was not on I was at my great grandmas!