What's your favorite Hopscotch project by a Hopscotcher and why?



Hi! This isn't just a question, it's a bit more than that. Basically list a bunch of Hopscotchers like this-

  • (Hopscotchers name here) - (Favorite Project here) - (Reason)

  • (Hopscotchers name here) - (Favorite Project here) - (Reason)

List as many as you want!

This is to boost confidence, give feedback, and for fun!

Lolly's fren tag list




Lollypopcorn- I dunno - FOR MAKING THIS TOPIC


Lol tanks X3

even tho I don't have any projects like that XD XD


Well you should XD XD


Maybe XD XD XD

wanna go to my general topik?


This is four of my favorite projects:
@CreationsOfaNoob - Diving Game - A really advanced game that has outstanding graphics and is fun to play!

@BB-Box - Raichu Pixel Art - One of my favorite pixel arts. It´s really well made and looks very realistic.

@Madi_Hopscotch_ - Lemonade Stand: A really good game that I like a lot!

@Maltese - Nutella trail art - The best trail art I´ve ever seen. A big inspiration to me because I like to make trail and shape art so much. (I think this was made by Maltese)


????? Wow, me?

Thank you so much, I appreciate it! Like really much! If that's a real phrase!!!!


Lollypopcorn (I think they might be on the forum? :p) thanksgiving game it's good.


Lol thank you!!


I love all those too ^.^


I got tagged but i really dont know.


@KayKat- Fruit slash- fruit ninja is my favorite game outside of HS


Thanks so much! :D


I'm glad you like it.
I was actially gong to say that your entry to my coded art contest is my favorite project-not because it has the most code, or is really impressive, but because I can see that you really put time into that project, which, to me, is more important than the outcome.
"In the end, the journey is what matters, not the destination."


Thank you!


@CreationsOfaNoob - who can't like him? "Diving Game!" and other games!!!
@Valgo - same, very awesome! I like his animations, my "Animated Pin Thingy" was inspired by him. All his projects!
@MagmaPOP - (silence) EPIC!!! All his projects!!!
@BlastFusion - great projects! :D "Jedi Adventures"
@KayKat - very cool projects! :slight_smile: "Nature's beauty" and others! :smiley:


@DMF (epic silence) (cricket chirp) LEGENDARY




I have a lot here:

GeometryScotch: @Valgo: Greatness...
Minecraft Sneek up and shoot by @MagmaPOP: Changed hopscotch
Stick ninja by @Titanboy: too good
2048 by @t1_hopscotch: awesome.

Trail art:
Nutella trail art by @maltese
Galaxies by @valgo
Animated pin thingo by @DMF