What's Wrong With 😉?


I don't get it. Who doesn't like a friendly winkey emoji? I don't understand why people are complaining! It's like complaining about having too much friendliness!
Can someone please explain why?


I think because the rumor is you use it if you want leader! And beg for it!:wink:I think I may be wrong!


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People are starting to act a bit di-

Huggingfluffybear and Intellection74 beat me to it :T


Poptart was leader and a few days later FFLO got leader when I joined... I use :wink: because I like them...


Hmmm... Well @Intellection74 @Fishyguitars @Huggingfluffybear
The :wink: emoji doesn't increase your chance of being a leader, but it is kind.
I still don't quite understand...


Umm... found the source


OK, real cause of this :wink: "overuse?"
Not rumors. It's unintentional steering away from intention.


I don't understand it either. I am in a dare where I have to use it at the end of all of my posts until Friday though. :wink:


It's a joke that Poptart gets :wink:.


Good Question!

Some hopscotchers have been using the winky face unnescesairily and its caused very confusing times.

Because of that @Follow4LikesOfficial pointed out we should only use winky faces when it was appropriate.

Then, some people got confused and started making topics from a different point of view. :l

Ok, the point is, only use winky faces when appropriate.


I don't think it's bad! It's just overused. I see it in almost every post
Agreed :thumbsup:


I agree with you @RobotPro. Also, some people are doing the winky face challenge so they have to use it in every post. :smiley:




I use it a lot, but never to become a leader! I try using it in the appropriate situations


I just use it to remind I am trying to be friendly. Sometimes people misinterpret what I am saying, and they think I mean it in a mean way. So I sometimes use :wink: to show that I mean it in a friendly way!


I think some people may use after a mean or hurtful statement to make sound not so mean.


Yeah...so it is not misunderstood.


I dunno


Lol it's so fun tho


How? That doesn't make sense...