What's wrong with me lately?


I've never gotten flagged before. Yesterday, I got flagged. I've never been in a flame war. Just got earlier, I was in one. My posts are unintentionally negative, and I'm getting a lot of hate, for say, because of a certain opinion. Don't say "we all mess up sometimes" or something like that because this just isnt me.

Long story short: first flag, first flame war, somewhat negative, wondering what's going on with me.


Bump to the top, I need answers!


You don't need to worry about it, it's just a flag warning you to be nicer next time, everybody gets a flag in their lifetime! Sorry if that was what you didn't want me to say.


Keep calm :wink: Flag isn't a reason for despair :slight_smile:


The flag isn't ONLY thing I mentioned.


I don't think you were in a flame war, more of a not-so-friendly debate. :D


Again.....that's not the only thing I mentioned. But ok.


Everybody is negative sometimes, it's just part of life! I wouldn't worry about it.


Don't worry, I have been flagged 3 times before, sometimes it's not because you were not nice, just because it may not be relevant. It happens to everyone...don't worry! :+1:

Flame Wars can happen too, just try to be kind and not say mean stuff to people. The person you said that stuff too has feelings too, so they might get mad.:wink:


Not only that, I checked your post you linked, you didn't really get into a flame war or say anything rude...