What's wrong about gender quizzes?


Speechless again.. wow..

I really wouldn't think of myself as that person, I tend to be short of patience while teaching, because it's hard to have people asking so many questions. I can't see anyone ever looking up to me, I can't imagine it, and probably wouldn't believe it. Thank you so much, really.


I'm short of patience for anything.


I don't hate pink, but I don't wear it often and don't like it.


That is so true! I love Star Wars, but if you say that they might assume your a boy! Kind of ridiculous, but it is just a quiz.


Pink isn’t just a “girl” color and blue isn’t just a “boy” color.


Exactly, I don’t understand why we feel the need to put a gender to everything, because obviously someone’s body parts distinguish what thy like and don’t like


Don’t judge me on what I am about to say.
Science has shown that:
While men generally tend to be stronger, women tend to be more flexible.

While men tend to focus on one task better, women have been shown to be great multitaskers.

While men are generally better drivers, women tend to know directions better.

But this doesn’t mean that women can’t be really strong or men can’t be good multitaskers I a, just saying these are facts that have been proven.


Correct, but none of that has to do with what videos games, colors, books or activities a person is going to enjoy, I find it kind of stupid that us as a human race enforces the ideas that boys cant wear dresses, and girls can’t play professional sports.


Do men develop focus when they are adults or am I defective?


Wait, who ever to.d you women can’t play in professional sports? A woman got into Minor League Baseball once. And there are plenty of professional leagues for women. And who really watches men gymnastics when there is women gymnastics in the olympics?(I hope I didn’t offend anyone)


No one ever pays attention to the women’s side of professional sports (expert gymnastics, those girls are awesome) sure there are leagues women to play in, but they mostly go unnoticed, or go without the funding they need because people just don’t really watch them. Lots of these women have to work side jobs because the pay they get from playing the sports isn’t enough to support their family.


Tennis. People watch a lot of women tennis as well as men tennis. Like the US Open, which just happened. Plenty of people watched the women.


I’m not saying that women can’t play sports, im against that, it shouldn’t matter what gender you identify as. All I’m saying is that a human race, we tend to favor men in professional sports, such as golf, football, hockey etc.


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