What's wrong about gender quizzes?


I looked up list of genders and there's a LOOOOT....
Some of them im just like "this is so complicated, who even identifies with this???"


Thats oddly specific...?


I've never heard of that....


What thing has that gender?


Honestly they're just for fun in my opinion.
Why should you care if a quiz tells you you're a guy if you're a girl?
If you don't want to get your feelings hurt, then don't click the quiz.
If you don't want your gender assumed, WHY CLICK THE QUIZ?


Pink is my favorite color :joy:


It doesn't matter what the quiz says, it only matters what your opinion is. It is good to be different:)



I always prevent myself from going like this:


I love pink.

And blue, purple/violet, green, turquoise, etc.


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The best if the best lol


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Tbh I'm ok with them


I hate them because they're stereotypical. The questions are like:

Which do you prefer:

Playing sports
Dressing up like a princess!

Oh if you like sports then you must be a boy!!!

They're just a contribution to the toxic gender roles.

Also there are more then two genders.

And yah that's why they suck.


I'm not sure if someone already responded but here's my answer:


And the list goes on.

How I see it, gender is a spectrum.


Best gender quiz ever!


This whole "Gender is a spectrum" argument is a little odd for me.

Because gender is a spectrum. There are many more genders than male or female, both sexually, biologically, mentally, etc. But I don't see why we should force these quizzes to reflect this. The people making these quizzes, I would hazard a guess, range from 7-12 years old. We should not expect 7-12 year olds to know about this stuff.

And these quizzes aren't supposed to actually reflect your gender. If I take one that says I'm a girl, I don't have to act like a girl from then on. Just like as a boy, I don't get offended if I get a girl, I don't see why someone non-binary would get offended if they got a girl. I would expect any rational person to recognize that these quizzes don't actually reflect a deep part of their character.

The main problem though, is that let's say the people fighting for this gender spectrum on Hopscotch got their way. These quizzes now included the whole spectrum. The only way the coders would be able to implement it is to be utterly transphobic, and sexist. These quizzes, as have been pointed out, are based on stereotypes. We already have the issue of stereotyping boys and girls based on colors they like, professions they like, which is terrible. But objectively more taboo is stereotyping transgender, non-binary, and genderfluid people. Not only that, but most of the stereotypes that do exist for them are incredibly homophobic, and offensive in general. You really want these kids learning about these stereotypes at a young age so they can implement them in a game?

The way I see it, the stereotype argument is the only one that I agree with. It is stereotyping girls and boys. Whether that's allowed is up to the Hopscotch team. But I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it - these are kids making a game. They aren't trying to be offensive. This is how 7-10 year olds think.


Not true. That is not the way I think, or have EVER thought. And, no, no one has taught me about this stuff. I know many, many, many, 7-10 year olds that know all about it. So no, that is not how they think...
Sure, the way some of them think is like that, but, shouldn't that be changed? Growing up knowing that stuff with no one to tell you otherwise would likely ingrain it in your head, and after that would be hard to change. I agree with what you said about them not actually changing you, but what of a young child that gets the opposite of their gender, and in a way transgenders when it might not feel right, but keep it as a result of feeling like they'd have to live up to expectations?
Even if they aren't trying to be offensive, they are, to many people. Which is why they should stop.


Also, I mean no disrespect..


No disrespect taken, this is a productive conversation.

Yes, some of them are mature for their age and do know about this stuff. And that's great. But those are not the ones making these quizzes. By making the gender quizzes, these kids are demonstrating that they think stereotypically, because they think they can predict your gender through stereotypes. And by making them do the same for non-binary and transgender folk is just solidifying their already ignorant views.

The solution to this problem doesn't lie in including more genders in a sexist game. It's either to accept the game or do without it entirely.

But to your other point, I completely agree, but interpret it a bit different.

Exactly. And the solution to that problem doesn't lie in eliminating the gender quizzes. That's merely a symptom. The problem lies in how they are raised, and how they are taught. That's the problem in our society that leads to these kind of games being made. That's what we need to change. That's what you need to rally against, and that's how you are going to make a difference.

Topics like these never do, and never will change anything. People won't stop making gender quizzes because you say that you're offended. People will stop making them if you take on the responsibility of educating them, and teaching them to stop being ignorant, not through protest but through education. You have the power to do that, to make a difference. You are incredibly mature, and I can tell by the way you articulate yourself that you understand these topics at a fundamental level. That's something that not many can say. So share what you believe, don't protest against those who don't. That's how you change worldviews. And I know that you can change quite a few.


Point taken, and I find myself agreeing. You actually gave me a great idea for a Hopscotch project on this.

Thank you so much, this is the first time I have been this speechless in a long time. For someone that just turned 12, this means a lot, especially coming from someone I basically just met...


It really is true.You are someone that people look up to, and want to learn from, so don't be afraid to teach.