What's wrong about gender quizzes?


What is it? This has to be 20 characters soooooo..yeh lel


I don't like them cause they're sexist

Just cause you like baseball doesn't mean your a boi.
Ima tomboy
Not a boi




YASS finally a tomboy because i need to prove that gender quizzes are stereotypical. So, Elemental_Cat, what is your fave sport


Idk what's wrong with your capital letter button

You sound not very chill, that's all

You have your beliefs of mo' than two genders yada yada I get it

Just sayin' there's a difference between "I believe in Santa" and "SANTA CLAUS IS REAL HE IS REAL"


ಠ_ಠ wut I think u need to chill down dude



Ye I'm not being velee chill


Like politics and religon.


ಠ_ಠ ooooohhhhhhkkkkkaaaaayyyyy


Please don't get offended by me asking this but what is the third gender?


Oh yeh I think there's like, a no gender who isn't a girl or a boy sorry if I'm wrong but idk you may think different but I only know male and female


There are more than two genders. Quizzes don't seem to take that into consideration

I'm too lazy to list them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Well I'm glad people like my topic



We all have our views on it I guess


There are people who identify as neither, and people who identify as both


change it back


Change what back?


profile picture


I constantly change profile pictures
I might change it back to that cat....another day


I like Jayfeather better then Spottedleaf TBH
Let's GBOT