What's wrong about gender quizzes?


I'm not talking about you then. In fact, I'm probably not talking about anyone here.


Pretty much what Gobli and GZ said.


Not a big fan of them, because of how streotypical they can get. It shouldn't matter if a girl likes "boy" toys, or the other way around. Just what we really think is fun.


I don't like them. First of all, like other people have said, they are EXTREMELY stereotypical. I don't see why a girl can't like sports or a guy can't like reading. Also, I guess people can be offended when it guesses wrong. Plus, I have never seen a gender quiz that includes LGBTQ+ options.


What does stereotypical mean???


It means that people judge others by what they like

So apparently if you're a boy, you like the color blue
And if you're a girl, you like the color pink

That's being stereotypical.

I don't even like pink. I like the color blue more.


Assuming something about something becuase something.
Like for example, assuming your gender becuase you like something.


Well it says if you like cats your a girl, and if you like dogs your a boy. Does that make sense? I'm not sure how it does. I'm a girl and I'm allergic to cats!


You might be allergic to cats but doesn't mean you don't like cats


My dad likes cats, yet he's allergic to em


I don't like cats BECAUSE I'm allergic! I can't even go near them! Not trying to be rude, but it's my opinion and my facts and I can't change myself so lets just agree to disagree.


Oh okay

She was just pointing out the fact that one can be alllrrgic to cats but still like them...


I dislike pink. A LOT.


I don't like pink either

That's why I don't like stereotypes. One thing doesn't describe everyone

Which seems to be the point of gender quizzes


Hey, chill with the caps



omg you just offended me by saying that arghhhh


well, never mind about that it's off topic talking about my allergy btw my dads slightly allergic too but the point is, I can like dogs more than cats and a boy can like cats more than dogs. I say those gender quizzes are as helpful as a stinky gym sock! STERIOTYPICAL ALERT!!!!


There are a few more reasons why I don't like gender quizzes other than them being stereotypical

Well, only one more reason.


Stop telling me what case to type with in almost every topic I go to. It's annoying. Really annoying.


People should really calm down here

Quizzes are only for fun, and they are known to be stereotypical and inaccurate

I'm ok with that sort of stuff lol