What's wrong about gender quizzes?


Are you saying what I think you're saying? If so, shame on you, insert your real first name here!


People (like me) strongly dislike them because they enforce gender stereotypes. They say that girls don't like being outside or that boys are dumb. They're the worst. Have you seen some of them? D:


i don't have that much respect but your opinionnnn



Btw if you come flamin at us

remind yourself that by saying that you lost most of the forums respect and you know better


Okay, I'm gonna start off by saying this: you're entitled to your own opinion. But I strongly disagree. What you said was very disrespectful of the LGBTQ+ community.


I think you might need this



And how is that?


Look at the link GrizzlyZoe posted

And think about how LGBT people are feeling because of that statement


Exactly what Gobli said. Saying that this stuff is in their imagination is wrong and disrespectful.


Pretty much the same reasons other people have been saying

The LGBTQ+ community is a very real thing, just as some people are male and female others are gender fluid or non binary, just as some people are straight others are pan, bi and gay

Because people are different then you doesn't mean they are making up the differences, because we are not all the same.


Why did @Petrichor delete the post? I don't waht all this is about?


Apparently I said it in an offensive way. I didn't mean it the way it obviously sounded.


But I have no idea about what you guys were talking about


Please calm down and get back on topic people


Can you say it in a way that doesn't sound offensive


Probably not without offending people who like to get offended.


We were talking about LGBTQ+... Nindroid made a seemingly offensive statement about it and we were all basically trying to say the same thing up there.


We don't like to get offended, but if someone offends us, we will stand up for what we beilive in


We're not wanting to get offended

What everyone else said