What's with the "Set Value **Variable**"?



So I was looking at @Valgo's code for the "Cool energy flow! #1" (ITS AN AWESOME PROJECT OMG!!!!!!) and I saw that he used a block called "Set Value Variable" and "Increase Value Variable". What the potato is that? And why can't I see it in my editor?

A very confuzzeld apple


It's from a very early update.


Oh... What does it do?


Sounds to me like another name for Set Value and Increase Value.


It seamz vary straing indead...


@SmilingSnowflakes @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman @Anonymous @Gilbert189 can you tell me what it does pls?????


It's just Set Value and Increase Value. Nothing special.


Oh, ok!

Then why didn't my background work? I copied the code EXACTLY, but the suns (yes I used suns) went up instead of across.... I thought it had something to do with that block!


It must be something else then, so keep looking.


Can we have a link? (I don't want to scroll lol)




Okay, fixed it. The set value length (-24) and increase value height (60) needed to be outside the first repeat block.



Omg your amazing!!!!!!!



So apparently I have the same issue with the set Value Variable thing, well I've tried everything but what I need to do does not even work. In my code it doesn't even have a repeat block so do I need to do anything? I need help plz. Here is the code I have that doesn't work.

It is supposed to be the lyrics of a song(check my channel, queen of lyrics) and you could scroll down to see the lyrics which I can't because of this set value variable. All my other lyrics are all a copy from someone else and I want to do it myself this time. Hope to hear from advice.


Thanks! That's a really cool gif :D

How did you make it?


You can make it on the website for "Piskelapp" and download your gif to your PC.
Or you can download the "Piskelapp" program for the PC and make it.
Piskelapp is just the name, it's not an app for tablets or mobile phones.


Oh... that's annoying. Our only computer is like 1000000 years old and it's broken ;^;

Hopefully my dad will be getting me a computer soon :D


That's a bug.
It can also happen with check if else blocks, where says "Check once if else:" instead of "check once if".


Wait what's a bug XD


The thing that the topic is all about. I didn't realise that this was an old topic XD