What's with the purple today



There's to much purple is it a special occasion.


Day of Silence to raise awareness for LGBTQ


What's that? Never hear of it


Its for LGBT+

Lesbian gay bisexual and then another?


Luckily I transformed to darkspined sonic today


I know! It must be national purple day. (if that even exsists!) ::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It's DOS

I wear purple

  1. Cuz it's my favourite color

  2. Becuz I support LGBT+


I even dressed up on msp


I Changed My Profile Pic To A Purple Unicorn


I had every intention of wearing purple today but I'm in the hospital wearing a hospital gown :cry:


Get a marker then draw purple on it!

Lol jk the doctors while get mad


Ikr. It's really ugly it has a bunch of weird snowflakes on it


I'm wearing purple but I was too sick to go to school today.


LOL, if the doctors won't get mad, yell "PRETEND THAT I AM WEARING PURPLE, EVERYONE!"


I have a school uniform that is definitely not purple- ugh.


Omigosh I totally need to do that


I don't have any purple shirts or pants so I just wore a purple jacket


And hospital? Hope you feel better!


I just had some small surgery it's fine!


@Kiwicute2016 can I have the tag that says I support LGBT+ awareness?