What's with the "Get on Docs"?



Hi again. I just wanna know, what's with the "Get on Docs" stuff? It's not like the people you want on docs will ACTUALLY SEE YOUR DOC. So again, call me an i d i o t, but, What's with the "Get on Docs"?


I mean, if they have the doc then they can see it.


They can see it because it's shared with them...


Sometimes people like chatting on docs to speak about things in private or write a story in private.


1)How will they GET the doc?
2)How is this Hopscotch Related?


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Ohhh.... :sweat_smile::grimacing::grin: Yeah, I never thought about that....


A person can invite someone via their gmail account and the invited person can choose to accept.
Some people want to privately discuss things about collabs and such.


1) Google, as you might know, has many different "social media" links, such as Youtube, and Google Plus. Google also has many work and organization programs. These include...

  • Slides

  • Drive

  • Forms

  • News

  • Photos

  • Translate



By sharing our hopscotch gmails, we can invite each other to google docs to edit. Therefore, more than one person can see. The creator can edit who can edit. Lets say you don't want mr.bobby to edit the doc. You can put his settings to "see only".

2) We use the docs for...

  • Collabs

  • RPs

  • Stories

  • Chats

These are all about Hopscotch.


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