What's with the "First Reply"


Just a quick question, what's the whole deal with first reply? It just seems kind of spammy to me, even when people do say first reply then edit. What's the point?


To show that they were fast enough? XD

idk lol


To show that they care about new topics? I dunno…


I think it's all in good fun. Just like people like celebrating 1000 posts/being the 1000th post, it's just a small little achievement of sorts. It may not be huge, but it's not necessarily very bad.


It's not bad, but I do agree seeing "First reply!" On every topic can be annoying.

Also, most of the times they just a a quick little sentence, just to make it related. They don't really add much to the topic.

This is my opinion, and it's not pointed at anyone!