What's up with some of the Forumers?



Have you noticed how soem Forumers are acting lately?
Phase_Admin and PopTart0219 both posted topics telling people:
"Stop being annoying"
And some other stuff.

Is something wrong?

I really want to know what's happening, I am extremely confused...
If this is just some type of troll... facepalm


Phase admin isn't a mod lol




Oh well but... I'm talking about how these people have been acting lately...


Some Forumers has been acting really weird…


I believe it's a rebellion of sorts.

It's a fight for pride. Not a fight to gain.

I'm not sure which sides to take at this point.


I think it's more of an attention thing for Phase. (No offense to him)
Poptart, I think she's tries a bit harder than is necessary to seem cool on here.


What about my situation and mibcraft's


I didn't know you two had situations, to be honest.


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Guys why did you spam flag me


MobCraft told me not to tell why exactly, but he's calm now. He was facing some depression about stuff, that's all. :D

You have depression as well, don't you?




I think it's part of a bigger picture, like things happening in life :3


Wow thank you


Er um....
Yeah kinda.
And it's more thanjopscotch forum that causes it.