What's Up with Activity Tab?



Okay, so I can't see my activity! That kinda makes me angry cause know I don't know who is liking my projects!

Two new drawings that I posted. Each has about 10 likes, posted about half an hour ago. Who is liking them?? @Alish @Liza @Ian @Asha?

Is the activity tab messed up?

i know! Ive had the same problem today. I go on and it's blank. .-.




Search Before You Post

There's 3 topics about this now.


I know that. I DID search. I just wanted to ask my own question, okay? Don't get at me for it.


Yeah thats happening to me too @LotsaPizza and on that picture is that part of the new update. Btw i follow u


Hi guys! I have emailed the Hopscotch Team about it so hopefully they will do something about it.


I heard this on Hopscotch, but I'm not too sure if its accurate. Apparently Hour of Code is too much for Hopscotch, so they took out Activity. Super disappointed though!


Eep! Like @DragonLover975 said, our servers are little overloaded with so many Hour of Coders and we had to take down the Activity Center for a little. It should be back in action in a few hours.

Sorry for the pain! In the meantime, try making a project for all these new Hour of Coders with tips about how to make awesome Hopscotches!