What's too personal?



Okay, so... recently, my life has been revolving around trying to avoid personal questions. For some reason, I've become paranoid of people asking me about my life, because I want things to seem perfect. But i'm done avoiding that, hopscotch. Don't hit that flag button, because I promise this will relate back to hopscotch and the forum.
I've done... a lot of thinking recently. Mostly about things I'm not ready to share yet, but some of it is about hopscotch, and what's far too personal for it. In my opinion, Hopscotch is not a place to give out your name, email ad.ress, etc. But things like sexuality and depression...
Well, if you think that your friends on hopscotch are mature enough to ad.ress that , then go right ahead.
Remember, the problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. And whether or not you want to share that is COMPLETELY up to you.


You are allowed to give out your name, age, coding level, sexuality, but nothing personal and nothing you don't want to give out online :)


In my opinion, letting out your name is one step too far, but the other ones I agree with. I once let out a little information on the internet based on a project my dad created, and if anyone knew what it was they would easily be able to search up _______'s daughter, and could find me easily. It's something i'm terrified about. But everything else is fair game, IF you want to ad.ress it.


Some people go into lots of details: these are pretend details:
I live in New York (fake)
I have 76 brothers and 112 sisters (really fake)
My dad works at the sushi bar down the road: that is WAY too dangerous (and dangerously not true)

  1. You can share your first name and country
  2. Anyone can share anything
  3. It is all private