What's this in my draft?



I found this when I was opening a draft of mine.

True? What's the letter before it in the picture? And a video symbol when this draft is a draft from scratch? What is this? @Ian @Liza


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Umm... A glitch! :sweat_smile: It happens to me all the time!


No, as in made from nothing. Sorry for confusing you : P.


I know it's a glitch, but I want to know what it's for, and if for recording, why it's in a project with no videos or way to record.


Nothing. 20202020202020


Looks like a changelog of some sort.. [Insert thinking emoji here]


Is this is the beta app or the regular app?


It's the regular app.


I got it too. I dunno, but it looked like one of your projects while you were video taping it! It had half of the Lightsaber code. This was before the video... :scream::scream::scream::scream:


Huh. I've looked in my drafts, but I didn't see anything unusual.


:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: Are there ghosts? I have the most secure pass on the planet. Nobody could hack because it is letters and random numbers.


You mean why do you say insert hinting emojis because of G🤔1??


Jgtbjkl61536 yeah that's so secure


It could be a glitch or bug @GysvANDRegulus


I think so @friendship2468