What's the Point of RPs?



People keep doing RPS. What's the point of them? What do they do to you? I really don't like people who publish nothing but RPs.


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little? almost every RP has a little codeing in them bc they need a backround leave a trail color _ than width 3000


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Yeah, I don't really like those. I belong to a suitable amount of roleplays, and I think they are intresting if well-written enough-but hopscotch wasn't made for roleplays. At least make a backround for pete's sake, I mean it isn't that heard
Just leave a trail width 300,
Set color to whatever color you want,
Move forward 300
And there!


I mean trail width 3000, sorry.


Remember when we used to, or still do, play pretend? Its basically the same thing, but don't match up with the purpose of Hopscotch.


I've seen rps with AMAZING BACKGROUNDS.


Ya and I put mine on something you can draw on


I love to do rps and watch rps on Minecraft, but doing it on hopscotch is hard and it defeats the purpose of hopscotch.


My friend I know in real life and I have a small RP on HS that has our characters in it. But we don't do it much often anymore for some reason...


I don't know...I find them kind of pointless, at least on Hopscotch. If you want to chat and make stories, I wouldn't do it on Hopscotch. You should go to a social media site or play with friends.


I don't think they should be on hopscotch... At this point, though, there will probably always be a couple... I think that if people are going to clog hopscotch with rps, then they should make them scrollable. It requires some effort, and makes them look nicer. I made a topic with that idea. Even with scrolling, in my opinion, though, rps are not fit for hopscotch.


RPS ruin the whole point of Hopscotch. Sure, they have a little code.... But you're just making a million projects pretending to be a character, I fell like there are too many of these...


I honestly don't know. It is supposed to enforce coding, and even the RPs with code in them don't teach anybody new things. Once they know that, they really don't learn much more. They also clog up many tabs, which can be annoying.