What's the point of hopscotch


I know it's fun but how's it useful


It helps with coding, it's good to learn that


It's a great source of knowledge for coding, and an interaction with an easier style of learning.


Sure but it's syntax free, block coding, it hurts, it's what I am about to quit so what's so good


No please don't leave hopscotch is an awesome coding system that helps you learn and have fun


It's painful, pointless( I think) and doesn't help. I don't want to but it makes me want to break my iPad I don't know


It's to get kids interested in code!


It just is its like hard to explaine I want to just think a little


After analyzing Hopscotch, I have come to this conclusion. You are right @PercyJackson9, Hopscotch is pointless. If your friends tell you, "I play Call of Duty Black Ops III," and you say, "I play Hopscotch," they're gonna start laughing at you.

This is my final post. When I saw this topic I just wanted to say something one more time.


It's a great community and coding app! And if it doesn't interest you, you can leave. You will be missed and so will your amazing coding skills. We can't stop you leaving though


I am not leaving but taking a break or being on less now please stop lying. You guys hate me don't pretend like you dont


You said you were going to quit I wasn't lying.... And we don't hate you!


If you're trying to code to learn, then why not use Java? It is way more successful. For instance, Ketchapp Games didn't use block-based programs for their games!


The point is to educate and
Have fun even if it does not help you it got you into this thing that us humans call dosing right?

I notice that once you do hopscocth it makes it easier to Move on to other languages!


It doesn't you have to learn to adjust to block coding


What you described is Hopscotch's unusefullness in social situations, not generally. Yes, if you say you play Hopscotch when your other friends say they play Black Ops, they won't be very impressed. But Hopscotch wasn't made to be a video game you play to impress people. If you only play Hopscotch so you can tell your friends you play Hopscotch, then you probably shouldn't be here (For clarification, not speaking directly to you, just generally).
Hopscotch is a game where you can make friends, make games, and learn how to code. And yes, it is teaching you how to code. Speaking as both a programmer and someone who has taught programming, learning Hopscotch makes learning 'real coding' 1000% easier.
You say 'If you want to learn to code, use Java'. But that completely defies the point of learning! If you try to pick up Java with no programming experience and learn it, it will take you maybe a year, if you are lucky, to even wrap your head around some of the structures (Try googling 'polymorphism' and seeing how long it takes to understand). And even if, given enough years, you finally master the language, then you have learnt almost nothing! You have learnt how to make things in Java. Good for you. But it will be almost impossible to apply the same things you learned in Java to other languages. It's like telling someone with no musical experience to learn a Chopin etude. Given enough time, they will, but have they really gained anything?
Hopscotch is made as an intro to coding. No matter what language you want to learn, learning Hopscotch first makes it so much easier.


Now everyone is quitting the best people!:cold_sweat:


Oh no, you didn't break any rules. Your response was justified, I'm just trying to keep this from turning into a flame war.


Whoa. I'm surprised some things haven't been flagged.


How many grades go to your schools?! My school only has 5th and 6th graders. (I'm 6th.) I'm sorry you are being bullied. You need to tell someone. It's bad enough that people are mean emotionally, but physically is even worse.

Let's get back on topic now. Hopscotch is meant for people to learn how to code and to inspire people. It also helps a lot in math. Much of hopscotch is made up of math, so if you have a low math grade it could help you. Not on its own, but it would a little. But most of all, coding is for fun! It is not supposed to be something like school, another burden on your shoulders. If it isn't fun for you than we aren't going to stop you from leaving. We want you to be happy. Even if that means never seeing you on hopscotch or the forum again.

I think my favorite part of hopscotch is that no one knows who you really are! You can be yourself and have fun without people hurting you emotionally or physically.

I hope you will decide to stay, but then again, if coding isn't fun for you than don't stay. Don't waste your time on something you hate doing! If you do love coding though, I strongly suggest you stay.