What's the point of hacking?


Why would anyone want to go into someone else's account and take over? WHATS THE POINT PEOPLE!??? It's really bad and I don't know why anyone does it (I'm not saying anyone is a hacker but... Seriously. What's the point)


I think they are jealous :wink:.


I guess the point is that they are jealous. They like holding power over you, becoming the powerful one. I consider that to be very mean. Also, I think they are just rude enough to ruin someone's channel. I can imagine someone hacking into my account and posting a ton of bad stuff and deleting my drafts because they just like to be mean. I dislike hackers.


So that they can find out your personal info. White-hat hackers are good, though. They hack to make sure people don't steal personal info.


White-hat hackers are still hacks tho


@SmileyAlyssa your right it's just... Mean!!


Yes they are jealous. They might have a bad record, so they will make someone else's bad


Mmmm you are right and so is @Stick88 and the others


Some people are so mean! It just makes me so sad...


Yes. White hat hackers are good people. I met one before and he does good things.


It is very sad..



Some people hack for many reason...

Most of the time when I people about "Hacking". First thing they think about, is the black hat hacker. Ones who hack for bad stuff.

They hack for:
Steal data
Because of jealousy
Terrorism (no seriously)
Change data
Hack for fun
So the followers of the hacked will he hated (if they don't reveal that it's hacked)
Deface/demote the person...

And more....

Sometimes, it's better to start afresh of you get hacked (if it cannot be solved)


They are jealous and they think your awesome!


Some hackers are cyberbullies also


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