What's the point of flags? Problem solved (check post for answer)


I've gotten st least 60+ flags and have they changed me? Nope

I'm actually using them to set a record
When ppl give me feedback, I don't listen to it on the forum

In real life, sure, but not on an internet community

But what's the point of flagging me if it doesn't change me?

And a bunch of my posts weren't mean yet they were flagged

The answer of this problem is.... they symbolize euch country we are from. Answer was given from @Cash





Well, Flags give you a reputation.

You don't want a flag reputation.

It's possible after so long, if THT sees you as "flagged too much" you could be demoted back to member.


That's alright

Nothing good about regular


Then that's basically the only point to it.

You'll get a reputation, and possibly get demoted.


The point of flagging you is to remove your content that other formers have found inappropriate, spam or off topic so other people don't have to see it. It also informs you of what other people don't like so you won't do it again and it gives you an opportunity to delete it!

Too bad, you say:


Hey, I found this a bit mean, could you possibly reword it?


I'm actually not stubborn

I just don't listen to ppl online

What y'all say won't affect my rl


Flagging is also to block people from seeing mean content and making the fight, or making off-topicness even worse


Flagging is to keep the forum healthy and remind people to fix their behavior. They aren't always bad, it could just be an off topic flag, then everyone gets on topic, and it's fixed. However, too many flags can lead to suspensions or bans.


Sure thing! See, this is what I'm talking about! I changed my post which I didn't mean to be rude because I was told not to, sure, it wasn't a flag but it was the next best thing!


I agree. There are smaller kids on here, including me, that could see inappropriate or mean content. It keeps people from seeing it, and flagging is not only for you, others may be mean.
This is only my opinion! :)))


Yeah, I know you weren't intentionally being rude, you just got caught up, so I didn't flag. :slight_smile:

Let's all remember to think about what we're posting!


I could (not going to) find who you are in school and tell you to be nice, say that people have feelings, even when posting in the internet.

And that could weird you out and cause a chain reaction of stuff
It could also effect your college application if they see what you did on the internet

What you say here, stays here.


Thanks fren for the nice example, I think we can get along really well on here! It's good to see that some demoted Leaders are still being responsible and helpful on here :grin:


Hey Ella the flags are there for you to learn a lesson of what you have done ok


We flag so that the THT can review the posts, and so that it gives you a warnings by. People will continue to flag whether it "changes you" or not.


So please try not to be rude and EVERYONE stop saying bad stuff about people, it might not be on purpose, but people will take some things that you say as rude. Be careful is all I'm saying! :grin:


That can be taken as rude, so please please please reword that! :))))


What. So I'm trying so hard to get regular and there's no point?