Whats the point of being Anonymous?


I don't get the whole incognito thing. Why? Because we all are incognito. Nobody knows our real names and are info. So why are people being all sneaky with they're names?


They have different accounts, and they want you to try and figure out who they are!

If you want to do one of these, my tip is don't act like yourself and don't have an obvious name that shows you are someone else. I did it with Omn, and I got really far before the pressure collapsed :wink:


Thanks. I don't have an incognito so I didn't understand.


Yeah I have some fake accounts hehehe


I had one... But I forgot my password. :confused: -SkydivingWalnut


Haha that's a fail. Moral of that story: write down your password.


But I use the same password for most things so I never forget it.


That works too. :wink: thanks for sharing that tip!


Is @Anonymous an hopscotcher who have two accounts; one normal and one anonymous?




Cool! Do you know his normal account?





Cool! Have he telling it to many peeps?


He just told the leaders and mods


It is hard to find?


Not really, but he hasn't been active on that account

Don't guess in a comment cause he wants to stay anon for a bit to the regulars and below


I have tested to make anonymous accounts but it's hard!


Me too, I've tried a bunch, but it's hard to keep in after a while. And, it's best that for your anon accounts that you don't go on the forum

I don't know if you remember but I was "Omn"!


Was the name omn? Or is it a nickname?


some of the leaders and mods lol
But all the mods know I think so ya