What's the next update about?



Someone said that you can add pictures to your projects in hopscotch in the next update. Is this true?


I'm not sure about the immediate next update, but the Hopscotch Team is definitely working on it! The beta is down, so I don't know :confused:


I'm not sure what the next update is about either. But importing photos does come with a couple of issues, such as privacy and people posting inappropriate photos, which I'm sure the Hopscotch Team are aware of.


Hey @friendship2468! Great question! The most noticeable thing in the next update will be new avatars, in addition to some smaller adjustments and fixes.

We've been working on an image import feature, but I don't think it'll be ready for a few months. However a really cool thing that will be ready super soon is a Webplayer. With the webplayer, you'll be able to play your and others' Hopscotch projects on any device with an internet browser. Pretty cool, huh?

The webplayer will probably be released in Mid-October.

Stay tuned!

When's the new update?

It's gonna be a great update according to you, @Ian! Do you know the date of the next new Hopscotch update? And are the avatars the profile pictures, new characters or both? I'm wondering if they'll be backgrounds or real characters.


Sorry @Berrymelon, I don't have an exact date! We submit our update for Apple for review, and how long it takes after that is up to them. We're aiming to submit in about 2 weeks.

The new avatars will just be for your profile. We're working on adding new characters (for use in projects), too, but those take more time and we wanted to release the avatars as soon as we could.


Oh, thank you @Ian! Btw, are the avatars the backgrounds Liza posted on a different topic, character/monsters or both?


Cool! A Webplayer, that is what I (and my cousin) need!


Hey you said mid-October but it's past then so when should it be out?


Hey @Huggingfluffybear!

Ahhhh I know! Not everything always goes according to plan, unfortunately. It'll be here soon. Sorry about the delay!

I'll try make it up to you, though. Are you part of our beta team? (If not, sign up here!) We'll have a beta out within a few days and there are some super awesome features in it. Hopefully that's good enough till we get the webplayer out :yum:


Ok Mabey about the beta tester


Also how will you do the when iPad is tilted on the computer?


I've thought about that too :) Maybe there could be onscreen buttons which you can click and hold to tilt the virtual iPad, or maybe you could have keyboard buttons like the arrows to press and hold.


Huh? Don't get what ya mean


Sorry about that. I was referring to @Huggingfluffybear's question of how will the Hopscotch Team do "when the iPad is tilted". I thought maybe there could be buttons onscreen with the Web Player with up down left right arrows which you can click and hold to tilt the iPad. Or maybe this could be done by pressing down the arrow keys too. Is that clearer?


Maby bit who knows....


i tried to sign up, but no email.:confused:


I became one! My dad let me


I can't get the new beta! Whenver I hit install nothing happens


Have you tried deleting the old beta app (if you have it) and everything? You should email the Hopscotch Team.