What's the Hopscotch α∂∂яєѕѕ?


This is mostly a question for @Liza @Asha @Alish @Sam @awesomeonion.
I'd love to send you guys a letter and a drawing of Hopscotch and how much I love it!
I just want to know the Hopscotch HQ α∂∂яєѕѕ so I can talk to you guys, the state and stuff and zip code it's in. Liza, if you could, will you please private message me it?
Thanks and pleasure,
Potter Productions.
P.S. Sorry if some of you find this bad.


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In NYC...Madison Street I think?


Yeah. It's a big building on Madison Street, top floor I think. It used to be Facebook's headquarters.

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)

I would love to send them a letter and artwork :wink:

@Liza when you can get to us :wink:


That would be cool I want to do it


Yeah! I like the idea of doing that a lot! It must feel cool when you receive things from users who went out of their way to send you things.
It would be awesome to know where to send it!


ikr! okay now i really wanna send something! @Liza??? @Ian??? @admins ?? @Kiwicute2016???


I would love to send good stuff to @admins! What's the address?


Big bump Lol


I wanna send some letters too :D

Gonna try to email them :P

@SmileyAlyssa how do you find these old topics XD


Lol I dunno :sweat_smile:


I sent them a doc! If that helps at all.


What is the email for help?





(Wipes forehead), got that right!


I would love to send them artwork! Maybe over email.... :smile:


Here's a like :heart:! :D


I would love mailing them fan art!


I found the address!