What's the f.unniest thing you've seen on the Hopscotch Forum?


Here goes mine: On one of my topics, I did a 3 polls for How good my games are, How my behavior is, and a rating for me. It started out as great responses. Then someone said I was bad. I shrugged it off because I know I need to improve. But the votes started spiraling down. "No big deal," I say "I just need to work on it more!"

-17 votes-
Average rating: 9/15

Hmm, maybe they haven't actually checked on my profile, I think.
But then again, why would they do such a thing?
Trolls! Definitely Trolls! They do it all the time! They can't bring down my self esteem!

15 minutes later
I close 2 ratings but leave the last thing open-The Poll, all because I was worrying about what somebody supposedly "thought"

Some minutes later
There are a range of choices that go from awesome to the worst person in the world in technical terms.
30% says awesome
Another 30% says I'm the worst(The last option on the poll)
You now what I do next... I Laugh!

You may be thinking I'm crazy for laughing at something so mean but you know what, haters gonna hate and half the people voting are most likely trolls.
I'm still laughing right now.
To the people who downvoted: Thanks for the great laugh​:joy:

What's the funniest thing you've seen on the Hopscotch Forum?



When someone said "blackmail"
And someone else thought it was racist
They're just kidding, though.
I bookmarked it.
Hi @Petrichor



I remember that.


Ha, classic! I would bookmark that too!


I forgot to bookmark it, but....

One time someone said something like "And who would that be?" in one post and someone else responded with

I thought it was so funny because I am not that sensitive to that stuff, but it was flagged. really.


Ha, Off Topic but a classic Yo-Mama joke


My post was not off-topic, but I guess it is true that the post I was talking about was off topic

But if it was actually flagged for being offensive then....


I'm saying the person who made the yo mama joke was off topic


Oh, I see, goood.

(totally did not misspell that in my thoughts)


I'm dying XD

I love this topic lol


Funniest thing I've seen on the forum? My total like count.





Omg I remember that
I think I explained it to her


If you're @Penguin,
Yes, yes you did.
No, no you didn't.


"A bug landed on my but.t!"


I posted that lol




Oh, I don't think it was me then. :sweat_smile:


I forgot what it was, but I think you're talking about the penguins, right?


Yeah, can you not see your profile background?