What's the difference between touching and bumps


What is the difference between when touching and bumps?????


I think bumps is when, example a ball moves and hits and still touches the object then moves away. Something only happens the first time the ball touches. As touches means the action wil keep continuing while the ball is touching the object.


So should I use touching or bumps for my joystick?


touching happens when object1 is touching object2, bumps happens only once when object1 bumps object2


I've played a lot of projects that have joysticks onscreen and none have worked very smoothly. what sort of game are you making?


Well if you've seen Axolotl's Hopscotch dojo 2 and the new video I'm making a duck that you control and a computerized penguin.:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:


So I should use touching?


You could place a small :large_blue_circle: onscreen and have a character move up when last touch y position is greater than :large_blue_circle: y position. Move right when last touch x position is greater than :large_blue_circle: x position
You just need to set the right distances for moving.


I think so.twenty characters