What's That Awesome Rainboom Thing Game Show!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the What's That Awesome Rainboom Thing Show! Tonight we have very talented hopscotchers who want to compete in this quiz to win... Wait for it...

POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

Yes, the winner will win a one of a kind, souper-douper, cuddly-wuddly potato! Now, before we begin, this is going to be interrupted by an annoying ad.

Ok that was annoying XD

Here's the potato point list:

Lightningstrike: 1


(Oh, and, uh, btw, this works like the other game shows, I ask a question about me on HS, you answer, get potato points, the first person to 20 potato points wins)


What's my most liked project and how many likes did it have?


Hi @Lightningstrike can you reply?


I dont really know the answer XD
I feel like I've seen it somewhere tho, but I don't know.


Go to my profile on HS! :3


You're hopscotch username is Rainboom, right?

Edit: nvm found you


Yup with a :smile_cat:


Ok, I think it's "playing around with Cosine"
(I can't see the whole title)
With 18 likes


Correct! :D


See? Go CoSine! #spreadcosine


Um, guys?? How come nobody's noticed this but to the others they're like "OMG YES IM GONNA GUESS AN LIKE AND YEH OMG"




What's my favourite HSB?


Umm based off of what you publish imma say turquoise?


Well, yessssss no. It has to be a HSB as in (100,50,37)


@StarKid, you are not allowed to change titles without my permission. :wink:


Sorry. I did not know.


I'm not sure that even allowed.


That's alright. Why did you change the title anyway?


You can if it's spam, doesn't fit the topic, or inappropriate, but almost always you should ask the owner.


Actually, if there's a spelling mistake or something, then if they ask me and I say yes,my hey cans change it!