What's some fun activities at hopscotch HQ



I yearn to pursade my parents to let me go there, but they think that it'll be.......

............boring?, they think all we get to do is look at a computer screen, they think! @ian @liza @Gabe_N @Kiwicute2016
(made this editable if I missed someone)

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)

You get to hopscotch!

I'm not kiwicute, but I think they show you around NY too


I'll tell about my experience from the beginning to the end :wink:.

First day
Liza and Alish welcomed me at the bottom of the building, and after signing me in, took me to their office, which is basically two tables with a lot of iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs with no doors to surround it, and a lot of other companies working there too. Alish and I Featured projects for about an hour or two. Then at 12 o'clock, it was standup time where the Hopscotch Team each said their issues and exciting news pertaining their job. After, they showed me some great places to eat, I think it was Chipotle. Then, Alish taught me some new Hopscotch codes.

Day 2
We did the same thing up till noon, and we ate at another restaurant. Alish and I went to a Silent Room, which is basically just a small meeting room, and we made a video.

Day 3
Same thing up till noon. Nina, a summer intern, took me to another delicious place to eat. In the afternoon, I mostly coded on Hopscotch and checked out some new features.

Last day
Picture day!!! Liza took a million pictures of me.
Liza was "taking pictures" of Josh, one of the creators of Hopscotch, showing the code that made up Hopscotch. He put his hands in front of the monitor and slowly close them together as Liza was taking a picture and we joked that he was showing off how large his computer screen was compared to a phone.

They were really nice people and I had a lot of fun. Alish was telling stories and attempting magic tricks, but if one side of the audience was pleased, the other side could see the trick. The Hopscotch Team is a bunch of really happy people, and I really suggest going there.

Planning Trip to Hopscotch HQ

I wish I could go there it sounds cool


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My parents would never let me go :sob::cry::disappointed_relieved::sleepy::sweat:


its awesome


@Kiwicute2016, anything else? I'm gonna hopefully go there in the summer! Sorry for bringing up an old topic... I didn't want to make a new one!:wink::stuck_out_tongue:


No problem! I'm glad that you searched before you posted!

If you go there, I suggest that you vid chat with them a few times, to get to know their personalities and get an idea of what's it like. After you made plans with them to go to their HQ, remember to bring your ipad, and if you have a Mac (preferably a MacBook Pro), bring that too as they might, but probably will, ask you a bunch of questions and have you answer it on your computer so it would be easier for them to put it on their blog. iPads would work fine too, I suppose. Another reason to bring your computer is that they might do a video with you on your computer using quicktime.

If you are going there, and haven't been to NYC before, I would like to give you a bit of advice. It's a really busy place with tons of traffic, and if you're walking there, be extremely careful. I nearly got run over 3 times. Make sure that your guardian stays with you at all times until the Hopscotch Team picks you up. There are many homeless people and thieves out there, so keep your belongings by your side at all times. Yup, hard truth.

What's another thing I have to talk about? I remember now! They have a few interns working there. Nina, a 25 year old, was really awesome! I think she's still working there now. She showed me the best place to eat. The other interns are cool as well, each one has a bright mind and are all eager to learn!

Did I mention that I had great food? Well, they do!

@Gilbert189, I'm done!


Hi @Kiwicute2016!!! Do you remember where Hopscotch HQ was in NYC?


I think that it was in NYC, and on Madison Street. It was really close to 5th avenue!


Last time I went to NYC, I barely escaped hurricane sandy therefore my parents don't want to go back up, the airport is hard a don the drive from NC to NYC is not fun...


Awesome, that means it is on the East side! Do you know if was Upper east Side (Like a high numbered street, like 76th)
Or midtown or Lower East side? Its OK if you can't remember :joy:


You get used to the busyness. You learn to yell "I'm walking here!" :joy:


Brainfreeze :grin:. mah brain's always frozen, and stop quoting this lol

I think that it was around 45 or so. Brain no work for me today!


That is so cool! I can't believe I have never seen it! Thanks for the info! I will leave you and your brain to rest now :joy:


I live in the New England area, so I'm right on the border of NYC, I recommend you going there! I once tried to email the hopscotch team, but I think they were on vacation or something like that, so I'm planning to revisit!


I can see the blog post now... "Words of Wisdom from ANOTHER 12 year old Supercoder".:joy::joy:


@Kiwicute2016 so where do you sleep
and does 'signing in' basically mean they have to find out if you are a member of Hopscotch
I would LOVE to eat at Chipotle with THT
And I would like to make a video


Which video was it? :stuck_out_tongue: