What's so good about Hopscotch?


Hey guys!
I had a ton of activity on a recent post: What’s so good about the forum, so I decided to make a spinoff entitled, What’s so good about Hopscotch? A reason why I was so inclined to do this post is because on some of the comments said that they don’t have Hospcotch because it’s boring. Plus, there are all sorts of other coding websites and apps. Why Hopscotch? All of your questions will be answered in this post today! (DISCLAIMER- Lot of my statements in the post are opininated, so do not mind them if you disagree!)

Hopscotch is a really easy and efficent blocked-method way of coding. It is simple, easy to learn, and you can make really cool things with it. I am sure many of you have heard of code.org. I have used it multiple times and I love the website. However, they give you multiple tutorials and as far as I know don’t REALLY give you the freedom to make whatever you want. Another popular one is scratch.com. Scratch IS super duper fun! But, it is super complicated and is NOT recommended for beginners. Beginners would be challenged beyond their level and may end up not really loving coding. Hopscotch, however, includes tons of turtorials, and the blocks are easily identified. It is so easy to put a simple piece of code together, and is a great beginners app. Even mega awesome coders use Hopscotch. Many people will use javascript websites like Python, which is also really awesome. But I think it is important to know blocked methods and javascript because you will use both in your life as a computer-scientist coder person!

I really hope this information helped you! I hope all of you forumers that don’t have Hopscotch will soon get it, or even any OG Hopscotchers out there checking out some of these other cool website I mentioned for variety in your coding education! Thanks for reading!



I Officially want to be that when I grow up. Very awesome job name.


Ha! Thank you for replying!
Yes, a computer-scientist coder person is FOR SURE on my list!


Hopscotch generally feels more kid-friendly than other coding sites. I also agree with what you said in the first post.


Hopscotch actually help me push my future coding career! It motivated me while I learned Java and now I made a few personal games. I’ve been with hopscotch for 2-3 years now and I would recommended it over any other app.


Same! Thank you for sharing your ideas! I agree with you! Hopscotch really has motivated me in my coding career!


I used to use Scratch, and Hopscotch. I’m not sure which one is better!


Well, they are both so different and so awesome in their own ways, @yaygirls!
I understand, it IS super hard to pick a favorite!

(But the good news it, you don’t have too! :smile:)


Whats so good about Hopscotch you may ask?



Your link takes me to a dj website called scratch…
Is it supposed to do that?


yall the link is


I just made an account!


oo cool! ill follow u after school whats ur username


Not made anything though…



yeah ive not made much, mostly active on the ATs helping with web dev stuff such as:
attempting to make a wix clone, but better
attempting to make a chat site
chrome extensions help
fixing like two bugs in the scratch player lol


Sorry guys!
I got the wrong scratch link!

Attention all forumers active on this topic! Please keep in mind that I used the incorrect link when posting. I am not able to edit it for some reason.

Here is the correct link- https://scratch.mit.edu/

I am so happy that you made a scratch account @HopedHoper


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the Hopscotch interface.


I think the shadowless design (flat/material??) makes it look really appealing, as opposedto scratch 1.4and 2.x (3.0 will be material)


Hopscotch is good because the blocks have simple names. I do JavaScript and HTML 5 and sometimes I think of the JavaScript as blocks because it helps me understand what I’m writing and what each line does. So I like Hopscotch because it is super simple. I also like that you can create projects offline, while you need Wifi to use scratch. So, yah that’s why I like Hopscotch. :slightly_smiling_face::iphone:


Yeah. I agree. The blocks look nicer on Hopscotch.