What's on TRENDING?



So some of you have seen my 'What's on Featured?' topic. Yay!
But what about TRENDING? Well, here's what it has to say:
Hmm...there's an interesting mix of 80% art, 10% coded stuff ( some of which are MagmaPOP's projects :sweat_smile:), 8% "RATE ME" projects and 2% remixes and games. Well, I'd say Trending's full of art. So that's it, if you want to be on trending, draw a dragon OR a human! (Because both are kinda popular there so yeah...)

But my statistics kinda su-ck since I'm terrible with percentages. So why don't you get a bag of chips and go onto Trending? (The chips are for me, not you. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM)


*Grabs bag of chips off counter glaring at @SlapHappyPancake


Hands off @Bubbles4Ever929! I will steal dem ALLLLL




What? GBOT? I only found Geostationary Banana Over Texas on Google


whatever THAT is. #strange


Get back on topic guys!


oh ok thanks! But should I actually make one for rising? And what Hopscotchers to follow?




Alright! I'll just search up some stuff and see what I can come up with! (What's your Hopscotch username?)


Well now people make projects saying you can't remix them... Them people remix them to "show" him getting him on thrending...


Well that's kinda silly. I mean, it was a joke. Jeez!