What's on my iPad/iPhone? Share your recommended apps!


Hi guys!
In this topic, since we can be off topic, I decided we can share what apps we have on our iPad. New apps, old apps, favorite apps. State what they do and how often you use them, and maybe some of us will get some new, interesting apps! Some of us may even have the same apps.
We can also share what apps help us code, or make Hopscotch YouTube videos! Personally, I use iMovie to make private Hopscotch tutorials and such, and I use your guys' intelligence with Hopscotch to help me understand coding.


You have to be hopscotch related......


Screenshot. If you're curious about what an app is just ask.


Cool topic idea, except it's not related to Hopscotch. To make this more related, we could code the apps we have somehow




I dont think coding apps would be enough hopscotch related......

But idk.


Maybe it could be, "Share what apps you have to help you with Hopscotch" like an app for Unicode symbols! This way it is related to HS :D


But this topic encourages conversation, and Liza said that that is okay


Good idea, the only app for me would be the music app and the fourm :P


I barely even use most of the apps on here...

I don't use tv go or Instagram


I'll get my apps, one sec...


Here are the apps I use


Nice background. You should always be safe lol


Duz da mcdonalds app and KFC app count
I am a slob


Yeah. That was when I was sleeping in the basement one day and someone sat on me. The next day I made that.


U is verree funy


That's true


Here's mine: Nothing really interesting


Do u have McDonald's app


Uhhh better safe than sorry :3