What's on Featured?



It's Easter! To some people...but I noticed something. The projects on Featured. There are mostly games these days, so if you want a Featured project, make a game! People LOVE a game! Then on Trending. Also games. Games games games. Make a game!
I hoped this helped.
I'll post another as soon as I notice a change. Thanks for reading!


This is good advice! I guess I'll never get on featured... I can't make games :yum:


hahaha, it's easy! Watch some vids!


I know, but I can't do, it, I has no patience CX


I know, I get bored after about 10 minutes


How could I not remember that I was following you! You are really cool!


Yeah im working on something called the main quiz inspired by school testsXD


Just try to keep your attention span high (unlike this kid xP), and you'll probably code something amazing! :smile:


XD that kid is basically me XD I'm like
I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it! Wait, no, I ant do it


Same @PandaBlossom!


Hahahah that's cute and funny! Where did u find it?


Hahah, I get a ton of famous Hopscotchers following me, but not a ton of likes. (Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging :sweat_smile:


Giphy! Or, you can just look something up on Google images, go to more settings, then click type, then animated! :wink:



Thanks! But yeah, we do have to GBOT