What's is a collab?



Every one says lets a collab. What's is a collab anyway? Reply soon thx


A collab is a collaboration project where two or more Hopscotchers work together on a project.


A collab is a short form of "Collaboration".

Basically, it is like a group work, but here on Hopscotch, with people from the community. Why not join one?

It's fun!


Oh so like you invite people to make a project with you @Gilbert189?


Yeah! You can get help from others to make a project!


Or people join YOU!


Well ok so that sounds fun! I have asked to make a collab before but no one wanted to make one with me. I felt really rejected.


That stinks! Sometimes it takes a great idea and the right timing to get people interested.


It's probably not you, but maybe they are all already in another collab.


Huh. I made one to do with sports. How is that? I know a lot of people really love sports. But I was really confused when I had no one to make a project off somthing a bout that. Would you join @Gilbert189?


Well, what is the project idea? I am already in a couple collabs, but I could help a little!


Yeah probably. I invited some people that I am friends with. It was like they hated me! But I still see them at school and play with them so it is ok


The idea was like... I will go check and find the post on hopscotch. Because I didn't know about the forum yet


I found it! The idea was well I don't want to be enbaresed so I will not say it