What's happening to the forum?!



Ok um… let’s start. It’s been a while since I left and coming back now I’m amazed by the change.

  1. The layout is different
  1. It seems like the forum is now a popularity contest

  2. How does this layout work?

  3. Also, what happened to @MiNi is she ok?

  4. Who is @Gobli09??? And why is mini jealous of her?

Sry for the last two questions. I haven’t been on here for that long and yeah.



I’m Gobli09, also a nobody



I don’t know who you are but welcome back!


I’m sure your not a nobody. I was just reading through minis general topic.


Hello!! I don’t know you either but nice to meet you!


Oh ok…


I’m an oldie

Also a noob

  1. The layout IS different.
  2. Meh, not really.
  3. There’s more categories
  4. I don’t really know anything about mini
  5. Gobli is a cool person.

The end.



  1. Yeah, but not by much. You’ll get used to it eventually :DD

  2. No, most people aren’t like that. I guess you’ve just seen some of the more petty squabbles of the forum. XD

It was honestly always like that for a lot of people, even if most didn’t admit it. I actuallly think it’s gotten better nowadays. :000

  1. It’s the same, except there are more categories and you can choose which ones to see and not see if you want.

  2. Oh, she’s fine. There was just a bit of drama, and let’s face it, I don’t think anyone of her age (and mine XD) can avoid drama.

  3. Gobli’s just another user, who is very nice and friendly, and Mini’s been having some issues with her. Apparently she thinks her friends will leave her for Gobli. It’s fine, everyone gets jealous (I sure do XD)


Yeah, you worded it right. Gobli got “popular” really fast, and Mimi got really jealous. She got jealous to the point of having some thoughts of khs, so she left the forum for a few days. We were really worried. Her friend made up some text messages, but she had good intentions. Gobli is really nice though. She never meant anything. It is nothing she would ever do. Gobli is very smart, funny, popular, and kind; so that is why Mimi was jealous. Anyways, even though she still has some jealousy, everything’s good. They are getting along, and Mimi is acting mostly like Mimi again.

The layout was changed back in April. Help with code was deprecated (you can’t put topics in there anymore, but you can see them). Now, you just have really specific catergories.


Okay, don’t make me feel bad about myself again. :unamused:

Mimi's General :))

I cAn sEe YoU LyInG AbOuT mE

well, mostly

Mimi's General :))

@Watermeloon hi!!

I JUST noticed your name has two Os


Hi my name is Cyborgx and u can tag me if u want to talk


Hello! The layout isn’t changed that much, there are just new categories and a new forum start page. And also, we have a community intern, @t1_hopscotch that is basically a leader that is on here really much. We also have custom groups, so you can just type @ OMTL for example (without the spaces), instead of copying the official mass tag list. And, if you have a collab and want to share a password, you could request a custom PM (personal message).


everything’s the same long s’you do what you did not much of a change

sorry, can’t answer your questions on the ~drama~ status i don’t pay attention lol


Happy anniversary @AHappyCoder
Sorry its off topic