What's going on?


So if you try to open new in a new tab then it says that it doesn't exist or is private what's going on?


I have no clue! You should probably email the hopscotch team. First reply YUS


It either doesn't exist or the person who owns it made it private :D


Yeah it's weird


Maybe you got logged out?...


But I know it's not private because it's the new page and I've done it before and it worked just fine so I don't think it's fake either


Nope in fact it happens when I'm logged in or out


So maybe it could be both?
Check where you get the "Doesn't Exist" thing @thebestest


Oh now I know what's going on so apparently whenever I go into a new tab it logs me out on that tab so since I'm not logged in the new page doesn't exist and instead of having "new" topics it has "recent" topics because if your not logged in then it doesn't know which topics are new or not


That actually has happened to me before because my Internet was weird that day. I was looking at my profile and it said this page is private or it doesn't exist. I refreshed the page and it worked. If it doesn't work after that, email THT.