What's branching?



What's branching??

Some old projects mention branching

What is it?


Branching is remixing, or rehopping.


I remember branching! It's what remixing was called when I first joined.


I always "branched" now its called remixing or rehoping


Same! But wasn't there a difference? Remixing was changing the project or adding something to it, rehopping was very similar to branching and they were both kinda remixing the hopscotcher's project with no changes and complete credit but kinda advertising it I guess. I dunno how to phrase it, but I know that there was a difference between the three. They are kinds of remixing, not the same tho.


In older versions of Hopscotch, there was a button on each project called the "branch" button. Branching is just what "save as draft" was called before.

One important thing was that all projects showed a branch count in addition to the like count. This was often used to make polls.


@AwesomeNachos @Petrichor @Hermione @CreationsOfaNoob @FearlessPhoenix thanks for telling!


ur welcome I hope this helped!


Branching is, like other people mentioned, another word for remixing or rehopping.


Not necessarily.

Branching was adding on to another project and publishing it. Like COAN said, there was a branch count before, but they don't have it anymore... 🤷🏻‍♀️
Remixing I guess is the same thing, but sometimes you don't add anything.
Rehopping was like a shoutout to the project. You remixed the project (didn't add anything to it) and wrote REHOP in the title to show that you like it and advertise it too.

Now we mostly just use remixing as a general idea.


I thought it was

Branching == saving as a draft
Remixing == branching but publishing with some difference
Rehopping == republishing a project as a shoutout type thing


I remember branching, it's like when you save it as a draft or remix it.
I still remember 2014, the good old Hopscotch days


Yeah, I thought that too when I wrote my post about this. They are not exactly the same ones, and now I think that Remixing can be both Branching and Rehopping :slight_smile:


Yeah, idk.
It wasn't really made clear :joy:



Im pretty sure remixing is just branching but with actually publishing it.

Then again, back when we had a branches count on projects it would show remixes too :0


Yeah I wonder why they got rid of the count


Idk i rather liked it.

when you get excited at 30 branches..


To bad…I never knew what hopscotch was like with branching


Simple things. Small updates. Characters. Branching. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when the hopscotchers kept balance between the Simple Tribes, Character Kingdom, Update Nation, and Branching Nomads. But that all changed when the Update Nation attacked.


What? May you explain that in understandable mode instead of very creative mode?