What's better than 512 clones? (UPDATE 4096 Clones)



What's better than 512 clones? 1024 clones! :sheep: :sheep:

We've doubled the number of clones you can have in your projects effective... IMMEDIATELY!!!

Check it out: to get this update, just restart Hopscotch (make sure you have the latest version too).

Random catergory?


Getting the update now! This will be so useful!


To update, just restart Hopsctoch.


Yay! :D
Also, did THT receive my email? I don't think they did.


That's so much more simpler than updating!

Just wondering, when will the "scenes" update come out?


I don't think it will be out before the New Year, but I will tell you it's not the only new language feature we're working on.


@thomas do you work at hopscotch?


That's so cool! Will all of the new language features be for subscribers only? My free trial runs out in 2 days. :sob:


Yes he does work at hopscotch. He's been there pretty long.


Why isn't he a leader :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Also you can expect more updates like this one. We can now update the Hopscotch Player instantly, so we will (hopefully :pray: ) be faster about fixing bugs you guys find with it.

We've been working a lot on the "under the hood" side of Hopscotch. We're really excited to start improving things in ways that you guys will notice. :wink:.


Aren't I though? Aren't I...?


Okay, You are now :+1:

I guess my iPad was messing up or something lolz


Just FYI, you have to have the latest version of the app from the app store. If you have it, you can just shut down the app and reopen it, and you should have the latest player along with a bunch of bugfixes we've been working on :slight_smile:


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I made a project promoting the 1024 objects rule. Not clones, otherwise there would be 1023 clones+ object that's getting cloned.


This is so cool! :D


A year from January.


Yay! Awesome! :grinning::grinning:


How do you restart Hopscotch