What's a....I forgot what it's called.....and how do you make a tag!



I am extremely convused (I forgot how to spell XD)

So I was scrolling through Preferences, twiddling my thumbs, when all of a sudden I stumble across the thing that's called a....umm....

Oh yeah! A user card badge!

And I'm like what's this and I try to change it and I can't and it says "none" and I'm just like what the h-e-double hockey sticks! Doesn't @SmileyAlyssa's say something like, "Life is short. Smile while you still got teeth."

(yes I have teeth but how can't I change it silently rages)

And then like we have cool tags like "^username^ was here" and I can't do that!!! Why can't I invade a topic!!! (That was wrong I'm sorry)

And then some people edit the first post of a topic without being on global edit. How does this happen???


before I lose my sanity


That "user card badge" thing was when Forumers could be leaders. Sadly, that is no longer possible at this moment.


Well that stinks. Do you know about the edit thingy?
And the tags?


The thingy below (or beside) your username is called a title. You can get a 'regular' title once you receive the badge, but unfortunately custom titles are unavailable now. :'0

You can create custom tags when you are a regular! ( ◠‿◠ )

I think they might be editing the topic title? You can do that once you have regular, there is currently no way to edit the actual content of the first post without it being on global edit or you being a member of THT. (°▽°)


You're not regular, are you?


NUUU. Member :sob: Whyyyyy


How do you make your own tag? Like I wanna put "happywashere"


I'm sorry, just tag me if you want me to do anything, OK?


I can make it :)) well, if you want.




I love you!


Lol<gtg bye lolokluhbhfvb<


How do you make it? Just wondering


It's like it already exists


While you're putting tags in your/someone else's (<--- you need to be regular to do so), you just type your desired tag and then you can use it. (╹◡╹)

Regulars can create custom tags, so if you want one before regular, you can ask one of them! ・:*+.(( °ω° ))/.:+



I love you so much!

Edit: Wait, how did you edit it?
Edit 2: The topic I mean


I'm a regular lol ^_^



BTW, copying the OTML crashed my iPad XD


Lol XD
It's so long tho


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