What would you like to use cloud values for?



so i posted something about cloud values for my first post on the forum and then i saw many other people talk about it so what would you use it for?

  • voting?
  • multiplayer games!?

  • making safe chats?

  • or other!?


i would use it to make MULTIPLAYER GAMES!!!

sorry that would be so cool vote now or today! haha lol


And you can have live high scores! I want cloud variables soooo badly XD


oh yeah forgot about that!


You should vote other!


Yeah, but I voted multiplayer games because THAT'S EVEN COOLER!


Yeah I agree!!! I would love to see @magmaPOP make some multiplayer games!


I think chats shouldn't happen, but cloud variables should. I have talked about scratch before, and they have number only cloud variables for multiplayer games and high score count. Hopscotch should put that right under the ability to upload music and images on their to do list.


Yeah but like in scratch people make safe chats so people can not say bad words!


Actually, chats using cloud values are banned in Scratch I believe.


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In less they are a safe chat!


No...griffpatch makes games with live chats!


They are global! If one person changes it (ex. a high score) it changes for everyone who uses that project.


Eh, idk then. I haven't been on Scratch lately.


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They show up for every one who enters the project for exsaple

So if you taped bear then it would change by 1 for every one!


Oh, I see, it says here on Scratch:

"If a chat is to be made, it must be whitelisted, meaning users can only say pre-picked words and phrases, into order to remain respectful."

M'kay that makes sense.


Okay so I thought of a awesome game idea @admins but it involves using multiplayer I would love to make the game can you Mabey add cloud to your list? I would love to make a 3D multiplayer battle game!