What would you do if FoodDelivery came back?



I don't know if you noticed but @FoodDelivery was online on the forum 1 day ago.


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So the question is: What would you do if FoodDelivery came back?


Probably scream really loudly!
(I'm weird...)


I would ask him why he has to leave !!


Oh ask @somewonder. She knows why.


I bet she does !!!!!


I'd stare at Featured and wait for whatever he makes, even if it isn't good, to make Featured lol


Don't know. I like to treat everyone the same no matter what. I would be happy somebody is coming back though.


High school.


Nothing big to notice. I come back occasionally.

And as for the question, I would be happy.


We would lock him in a hs jail for 3 years do he can't leave before me


That's very mean of you.


He's just joking...Probably


Probably nothing....


That's not mean it's funny.




I´ll be happy... he´s amazing.


I'd be really happy.




Yah ! Right .....!!!!!,


@Fooddelivery left!:open_mouth: I really have to catch up on some Forum stuff.:sweat_smile: