What would #random be used for

So I saw the random category but what would you make that would go in there? don’t all the other hashtags cover everything?? Does it mean we can talk about non hopscotch stuff? If not then what would go there? :sweat_smile: sry I’m just kinda confused


It’s a category from long ago.

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No, random, not random stuff.

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Wait what’s the difference between random and random stuf? @AHappyCoder @Petrichor

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Random I see from August 2015, so a few months before I joined. (December 2015)
Random stuff is in use and is from about a year and a half after I joined.

So random isn’t really used any,ore.

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But I only see the random category when I make a topic :thinking: Not random stuff

I thought you could do tags for categories too but idk #random #random-stuff

Whe I click on #random-stuff it’s blocked

Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong

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You must be a member plus.

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It is not a bug, you just have to be at least the trust level “Member” to view that category. @t1_hopscotch changed that a while ago so new users won’t make random topics. To earn the trust level “Member”, continue reading posts and being active on the forum. Here are all the requirements for the trust level “Member”: