What will happen to a project if you report it?

If you report a project, you see that project disappears but do other hopscotchers and the creator still see it ?


Others can still see it for a little while, but when THT checks the project, if it was reported for a good reason it is deleted for everyone. Welcome to the forum, BTW!


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Well, the THT usually sends you an email with the reason your project was unacceptable.


Also why would u want 2 know this? Hmm…JK :wink:

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Yeah I was wondering the same thing but I had imagined that other Hopscotcher could still see it…


i reported something once and it just disappeared. necver thought somone looked at it. it was like a year ago

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I think other Hopscotchers can see it for a bit but if it’s really reported for a good reason then THT removes it.

The problem is that the filters don’t work well because people use full stops in the middle of words so that the filter does not block it.

E.g ■■■■ without a full stop
da.mn with a full stop