What will happen? Chain Game!





What will happen if _____ happens?

In this chain game you will have to type "What will happen if this happens""
Examples are What will happen if Hopscotch didn't have a move forward block!
Then the person below them will react to that! Then they will type something else that has what will happen!
Then the game continues


What will happen if hopscotch costs $10?


I won't buy it.
What will happen if there wasn't any characters


Do you mean characters, or chaters?
Umm... Idk live XD

p.s. The hopscotch costs 10$ thing was because THT wanted to see how people would respond to it :D it was only for the weekend :D


What will happen if we didn't have trail art


I-I wouldn't have been a HOPSCOTCHER!1!1!1 ;-;-;

What will happen if everyone (but you) left the forums? :0


I would cri, then I would leave to hopscotch and ask people to join the forums!


Remember @smishsmash you need to do a What will happen after you react to it
What will happen if you can't play games only make it


(Poke topic)
Sorry GBOT


HS would be calmer and more for making stuff, and people wouldn't have lots of problems...


Now give me a
What will happen


What would happen if THT stopped existing, but HS still did? And they just left HS as a part of their lives and it was just there?


I won't be the person I am today
What will happen if you don't have the tutorial videos


People would need to do a lot more asking for help, and not understand stuff!
What would happen if RPs all became coded into movies and games?


Then I wish I coded Rp
What will happen if Hopscotch only were for 2 years old


I would not be interested, or I would fake my age.


What would happen if you could position the limbs of the characters?


That. Would. Be. Awesome.
WWHI everyone but 3 people and THT left HS?


Surely the app would grow again.. I mean it was just 3 players at one point!
Unless they left because it got really bad for some reason. Then those 3 would become friends with the Hopscotch team, and try to revive Hopscotch! Or..... they would grow sad at all their missing friends and leave. Hopscotch would be gone.


What would happen if the app counted the remixes of projects again?