What... What even? Help!



Hey guys! I was just scrolling through trending, and I looked at @Funky_63_Greenland's project of sin/cos modern lamps. Super cool project, right? Well... I don't know what happened, but...

This happened in three or four different projects. Can someone help? This is kinda funny.


Maybe you transitioned from project to project too fast? I don't know!
@Liza? We have a bug that needs to be squashed, it could steal a chicken!
cough cough @Kiwicute2016 cough cough


Two projects fused into one?
Probably a glitch.


I'm not sure, I just opened another one and it happened again. This project was in the top of Rising. What's going on? XD

(Its behind the frog in the puddle, it's the blue kine and the white/pink pattern)


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Probably a bug now, try restarting Hopscotch.


Ooohhh it's my pad! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That always happens to me, just close the app and open it again :wink:


Just did that, I think it's good now.

But that was weird. I scrolled down a lot before opening another project... Hm.


Someone has injected determination into the projects and they have turned into amalgates.
(sorry. Undertale jokes.)
What sort of ipad are you on? maybe it's so old that it just remembers the sine and cos lamps and accidently put the code for those into the other projects. or maybe it's a bug.



mkay, it's gone now. i have a new iPad, it was just a bug.



Ok. I have an older ipad.


That glitch happens to me all the time :frowning:


Happened to me too I think it's just a glitch. Hopscotch team is maybe playing with the server?


Yup. Glitch. That happened once with me after playing one of @LotsaPizza's projects. It was really weird... I don't know how to help!


@Liza can you help or @Alish? @everyone


All I did was restart it, it was fine! Great project by the way! I'm a big fan. Random question: why do you name the majority of your projects "just playing"?


Someone tell alphys to stop.

In all seriousness I've never experienced this glitch.


It happens when you play a project with a lot of code and some lag a few times, then quickly transfer to another, this can be fixed by simply restarting the app, if it doesn't already crash to restart itself. Yes, it's happend to me before. Just a simple glitch, no big deal.


When i just playing with code's the i Call the project just playing


This has happened to me with other projects... Once everything got covered in Chillanna XD