What we need to do to solve this problem


Obviously this account is going out of hand, to the point where THT interference might be needed (might have to be email).

This account is not working. Let's admit that. Someone is trying to mess up this account so we need to do something.


(sorry for bringing more attention to this)


Someone should change the password and email then log out. Problem solved


We can't; you need to verify on the actual email it's associated with to change those.


Yeah...and the throwaway email might have run out


That's a problem. It should be suspensed or banned then


I'm afraid of the post being edited


THT ain't gonna be on


Wait...there's a chance someone is pretending to be Jess888 but we can't confirm it until THT is on


How do we know it's Jess88 though?


I said there's a chance it could be fake


Okay, ill do that.


The account wasn't made with mod supervision. We should just destroy the account. Done


Impossible to do


No you don't actually
Making the new email verifies with the new email


You know what? I'm gonna take a step forward and change the email and password so nobody gets in it.


This is witness here, gonna change the pass.
Ugh it's not workingggg


Someone said the n word....
I'm freaking out what if my mom sees